the biggest recruiter of the Netherlands

klant: Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations

The Government is one of the biggest employers in the Netherlands. And would like to become an inclusive employer brand. With employees that are representative of the Netherlands of today. But how do you handle this when you’re not diverse yet?

To be credible it is important that you are internally convinced  this is important. Research shows that cultural diverse teams are more successful and they ensure more profit and productivity. If you also know how to reach cross-cultural professionals you also attract more talent in a tight labor market. We started working on this. The X Culture Club has taken a close look at and has provided a number of training courses with the aim of raising internal awareness and practical tools to get started right away.

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the most inclusive museum of the Netherlands

Muiderslot Castle

opdrachtgever: Rijksmuseum Muiderslot
strategy, concept & development

Rijksmuseum Muiderslot is aiming to become a lively, magical place where there is much to discover and enjoy for a diverse audience. The Muiderslot castle wants to become ‘the most inclusive national museum in the Netherlands’ in 5 years. To achieve that, The X Culture Club started looking for the castles’ DNA.

To bind other target groups to you, you must first be convinced internally of the necessity and the opportunities and see where you can connect. After an extensive strategic trajectory and a series of face-to-face interviews with a diverse target group, there is now a strong foundation based on the idea ‘Eigenwijs since 1285’. This course fits very well with the history of the Muiderslot. Within thin strategy Muiderslot will offer a variety of programming. For example, how can the beautiful castle garden become interesting for diverse audience? This is possible by organizing for example ‘food preserving’ workshops. After all, this was something done in the Muiderslot before it became in fashion again. In many cultures, such as Italian, Spanish, Turkish and who knows which more, wecken is very popular. #kimchi #peperoni #forgottenvegetables

The X Culture Club is working on a house style and a creative concept to reach a wide audience. This is still under development.

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student recruitment from the heart

client: UvA – Amsterdam Law School
strategy, concept & execution

The Amsterdam Law School is socially involved and is located in the middle of the legal center of the Netherlands. Recruiting students requires a new campaign. An opportunity The X Culture Club naturally seizes with both hands.

But how do you take an increasingly heterogeneous group of young people between 16 and 20 into account? And how do you establish awareness and conversion?

The new campaign reflects the geographical location and social character of the UvA. The Amsterdam Law School is after all located in the heart of the legal center of the Netherlands and is socially involved.

The X Culture Club developed a notable social media campaign for prospective bachelor and master students. The focus is on legal themes that are appealing to young people. A campaign landing page on the UvA site provides more in-depth knowledge on several cases. Conversations with our target group show that new students choose the UvA because of the location and the collaboration with the best legal partners.

The socially involved nature of the UvA is important to them, but not the main reason to choose for Amsterdam Law School. The UvA’s status is a very important aspect for cross-cultural youngsters and their environment. In particular, the critical role that Amsterdam Law School plays in society and the high quality of teachers. Amsterdam Law School is very practical: one day you’re in the training court, the other day you work on real and current cases with important law firms and other legal heavyweights.


school posterschoolposter



site bachelors

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how hospitable is your neighbourhood?

De Ongenode Gast

client: Municipality of Amsterdam
assignment: strategy, concept & development


social scripts

In this awareness campaign, the City of Amsterdam wanted to make it clear to all of its residents that feeding birds or ducks attracts rats. Amsterdam has a large cross-cultural community and in discussions with its residents, we have had some interesting feedback. In the Muslim religion, for instance, it’s not allowed to waste food. In general, most cross-culturals and also the native Dutch are careful not to throw away food.

Of course, an unhygienic association with rats is bad for a neighbourhood’s image. That is why we have chosen to highlight the problem in a positive light. The use of the term ‘hospitality’ is something that cross-culturals are proud of. They always cook a little bit extra food for unexpected guests. This tongue in cheek attitude shows the undesirable and unexpected results that this can cause.

The campaign consists of posters that are placed in places where this problem occurs. In addition, films on social media are used and there is a website with tips for residents about what they can do with food leftovers in their neighbourhood (old bread recipes, smart purchasing, sharing food, freezing bread, etc.).

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put the municipality of Amsterdam Zuidoost to work, to find you work

client: Municipality of Amsterdam
assignment: strategy, concept & development

The municipality of Amsterdam Zuidoost wants to make it clear to all of its residents that a municipality can mediate in finding work and also generate applications for potential candidates.

Interviews with intermediary candidates show that the target group has low self-confidence and is suspicious of government agencies. “Put us to work, to find you work” is the creative translation of the strategy in which accessibility and personal contact are paramount. Every candidate can sign up via Whatsapp.

The X Culture Club has developed a cross-media campaign (from TV and radio on local channels to social media). Experiences of candidates and coaches are central to the social media campaign and also receive editorial attention on Salto TV.
We focus on awareness, registration and targeted on bystanders. We use behavioural influencing techniques to generate applications from this difficult to reach the target group. Where possible the campaign has been translated.

online film and commercial

candidates and coaches interviews


municipality of Amsterdam Zuidoost

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