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In Brand Leaders we meet trendsetters and promoters among advertisers. The world exists of many different people, with differing preferences and views. The call to be seen  in society is heard more and more. How do brands deal with this? How do they ensure that their brand stays ahead? And how do they make a positive contribution to society?

Brand Leaders is a podcast by the Dutch Association of Advertisers, in collaboration with audio agency Airborne and The X Culture Club. The host is radio DJ Sagid Carter.

Willem Verschuur is Director Innovation, Digital & Data at the Louwman Group. This company is one of the largest car importers in Europe. It is also active in various sectors, such as healthcare and financial services.

How does he ensure that Louwman is inclusive in its services and communication? In a candid conversation, Willem talks about how he strives for more women within the male stronghold that the automotive world still often is. And he explains from which vision the Toyota brand has been supporting Paralympic athletes for years.

Listen to the first episode (in Dutch) here: Louwman Group - from car to scooter.