how hospitable is your neighbourhood?

De Ongenode Gast

client: Municipality of Amsterdam
assignment: strategy, concept & development


social scripts

In this awareness campaign, the City of Amsterdam wanted to make it clear to all of its residents that feeding birds or ducks attracts rats. Amsterdam has a large cross-cultural community and in discussions with its residents, we have had some interesting feedback. In the Muslim religion, for instance, it’s not allowed to waste food. In general, most cross-culturals and also the native Dutch are careful not to throw away food.

Of course, an unhygienic association with rats is bad for a neighbourhood’s image. That is why we have chosen to highlight the problem in a positive light. The use of the term ‘hospitality’ is something that cross-culturals are proud of. They always cook a little bit extra food for unexpected guests. This tongue in cheek attitude shows the undesirable and unexpected results that this can cause.

The campaign consists of posters that are placed in places where this problem occurs. In addition, films on social media are used and there is a website with tips for residents about what they can do with food leftovers in their neighbourhood (old bread recipes, smart purchasing, sharing food, freezing bread, etc.).

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