any idea what the Zwitserleven feeling is for Turkish pensioners?
Our society is becoming more and more diverse, but do you take this sufficiently into account in your campaign? How do you deal with different values and beliefs within cultures without excluding other target groups? Our session provides inspiration and ideas on how you as a brand or organization can connect with the cross-cultural target group and how you can communicate with modern Dutch society. Want to know more? Call or email us.


a few slides of our presentation

communication pool Dutch government

"It was a nice meeting, with a fresh presentation. Based on a good point (facts, figures, observation of issue/problem/blind spot)."

communication pool Dutch government

"It was a very nice meeting that definitely made us think about this subject. When is it important to differentiate according to cultural background and when not? What are the consequences of a one size fits all approach?"

communication pool Dutch government

"Compliments to the ladies. They have covered the subject thoroughly and with enthusiasm. I think you have made most of us stop and think about this very relevant subject."