communicating with modern Dutch society

most brands operate in a world that no longer exists

The X Culture Club is a creative communications agency. Partners Wendy and Anilda know the tricks of the trade and now know how to make a pretzel and how to sell it.
We like to work for brands or (cultural) organizations that like to contribute to a more social world. Whether it concerns a campaign about low literacy, or a brand strategy for a cultural institution, or a campaign to help people find work.

what drives people

The Netherlands now consists of many different types of people, with different backgrounds, different beliefs, different preferences and different appearances.

TXCC is convinced that you can only develop good (marketing) communication if you know what moves all these different people, what unites us, and what we have in common. Our output is based on research. Whether small or large. Always.

You cannot be there for everyone, but you do want to be sure that you reach everyone within your potential target group.

We are an independent agency that believes in collaboration with clients and partners in media, production and anyone who can take a brand further.

A more inclusive brand or organization yields more profit in all areas.