we are the generation

Our backgrounds are different, our culture is different, our expertise is different, our age is different. But what we share is the belief that communicating with modern Dutch society is about really understanding what moves people. From the inside. Make a connection.
Wendy Hesseling 
communication advice & strategy
Wendy Hesseling
Wendy Hesseling_paardrijden

“I did grow up with kale, harvested from the Dutch soil in the ‘Twente’ area. I lived in Amsterdam in the ’80s. I was an activist; the Southern Africa Working Group, women’s movement, anti-anything, and wanted everything to be different. I still have the same opinion.

Wendy has worked for a long time as a communication strategist in advertising. She is a co-founder of WeJane – market research & advice from a gender perspective. Wendy likes to listen to what people have to say.

Wendy worked for clients such as: 
JDE, Mora, Friesland Campina, AH, Sanofi, Merck, Zonnatura, Ymere, Duchenne Parent Project, Fairtrade Original, Biohorma, Clipper, Keune, Philips and other clients within food, pharma and (financial) services.

Anilda da Cruz
concept & art
Anilda da Cruz
Anilda da Cruz

“I am Dutch-Cape Verdean. We spoke Dutch at home. I grew up in a traditional Dutch village in West-Friesland. When I took friends home, they were shocked. My father used to play Cape Verdean music. We danced. The stockfish was soaked in the garage and had a nasty smell. That was quite different than ‘boerenkool’. 

After a career within the communication industry as a creative, Anilda started TXCC from a personal and cross-cultural perspective. Anilda likes to start a conversation and experiences that conversations with target groups lead to a lot of inspiration and effective ideas.

Rijksmuseum, Ministry of HWS, Tommy Hilfiger, Weleda, Reumafonds, KRONCRV, Skins Cosmetics, Leiden University, Nusantara, Ministry of Justice, KLM, RIVM