communicating with modern Dutch society

most brands operate in a world that no longer exists

Diversity & inclusiveness is hot topic. A moral obligation and an opportunity. Thinking and acting diverse and inclusive generates more innovation, better communication, wider distribution, great inspiration, and stronger brands.

Diversity is about visible and invisible differences between people. People from different cultural backgrounds. Men, women, and non-binary persons. People with disabilities.

In marketing communication however, there’s not much effort  on including target groups with different wants and needs in campaigns. A truly inclusive approach is hardly existent.

TXCC wants to contribute to an inclusive future. We like to question matters. Stephen Hawking once said: “Humanity’s future depends on empathy,” We are convinced that relates to the future of brands too.

what we do

TXCC creates communication concepts. From the perspective of target groups. Relating to a specific theme or category. We speak, observe and connect with people. With a sense of how to move them. Which social medium is suitable? Social media or a social medium such as a key influencer? We aim to do justice to modern Dutch society.

what drives people

TXCC is convinced that great and effective (marketing) communication can be created only if you know what drives target groups. You won’t until you’ve talked to them. And that’s what we do. What we create is based on target group insights. Always.