diversity and inclusion research

CLIENT association of Dutch advertisers
assignment research & strategy

I&d is high on an advertisers' agenda. But how do you put this into (marketing-) communication practice? Which opportunities do you see? Which barriers? And do you have enough knowledge? Commissioned by the Dutch Association of Advertisers, we interviewed Chief Marketing Officers of large companies within various industries.
There is a world to win by increasing knowledge, seeing and developing business opportunities, making D&I manageable, concrete and embedding it in the organization.


• I&d as a subject is too broad, elusive, a moral obligation rather than an opportunity

• Plays mainly on the outside level: casting & looks. Not at a strategic level

• No diverse workplace, lack of knowledge, experience, expertise about i&d. It is not 'felt'

• Integration of i&d only really takes place if it is an inherent part of the business strategy

• Practice what you preach