the best investment

CLIENT UvA - Faculty of Law
assignment research, strategy, concept & development

We developed a bachelor's campaign for Dutch pre-university education students (15 to 19 years old) to attract more secondary school students for a Bachelor's degree in Economics & Business at the UvA. We spoke to first-year students about their considerations and feelings that played a role in their choice process. The campaign we developed based on this appeals to the head and heart. A UvA EB Bachelor's degree is not only the best investment in your future but also while you're studying.

As the final exam approaches, the intensity of the selection process increases. Rational and emotional criteria play a role in the considerations for study choice. We want to create a distinctive campaign for UvA EB by appealing not only appealing to study-related aspects but also to feelings. We emphasized not only Bachelor's the academic benefits and career opportunities but also the personal growth and unique experiences that the UvA offers: What does studying Economics & Business at the UvA do for you? This is how we create distinction, stand out, and be relevant.