life = easier if you speak Dutch

CLIENT Masterplan Southeast
assignment research, strategy, concept & development

Amsterdam Southeast has several neighborhoods where low literacy is very high. A hindrance to many aspects of life. From conversations we had with the target group, it appeared that learning the Dutch language is not a priority, dealing with daily problems is more important. 'Life becomes easier with Dutch language' therefore became the starting point for communication - translated to different life domains. We start with 'Language & Work'. Communication should encourage registration at the TIP (language information point) to learn Dutch for free and to be coached immediately towards work. Personal and accessible.


We show recognizable work situations in simple animations in which finding and keeping work becomes easier with the Dutch language and we encourage you to contact TIP. And if life becomes easier with the Dutch language, we should also make it easier to learn Dutch. For example, by Dutch Language TV via local (target group-specific) channels, where, for example, a culture-specific phenomenon such as theater is used to depict work situations linked to language lessons, where language learners' success stories can be shared and (local) employers show the importance of the Dutch language for finding and love to carry out work.

We focus on awareness, registration, and target bystanders. The campaign has been translated and is easy to find in; public transport, at the hairdresser, supermarket, school, tea house, church, doctor, or community center. We also try to remove the barriers that prevent people from signing up such as; shame, having to go to language class alone, or that there would be no language class near you. 

Play Video about tip - taalinformatiepunt Groei
Play Video about tip - taalinformatiepunt digibeet
Play Video about tip - taalinformatiepunt - veilig werken